Student Dress Guidelines

Leary IAT recognizes that fostering inclusivity and respect for others is critical to creating safe and positive learning environments in our schools for all students. Further, dress guidelines strike a balance between individual expression and the need for students to attend school in clothing that allows them to fully and safely participate in all activities.

Student clothing should be suitable for a school learning environment. Clothing and footwear should be comfortable and appropriate for students to participate safely in all school activities (i.e. P.E., recess, and lunch activities). Clothing should demonstrate a respect for the school community and the B.C. Human Rights Code.  Any person dressed in an inappropriate manner, will be advised personally and discretely, and given an opportunity to meet the school dress guidelines.

Leary IAT further recognizes our shared and collective responsibilities.

  • School Staff – have a responsibility to assist students in understanding and abiding by the dress guidelines.
  • Parents – have a responsibility to send their children to school in clothes that allow them to learn and/or play.
  • Students – have a responsibility to dress in clothing that meets health and safety standards for all intended activities.